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Our Products

MyElle Elite Designs has a wide range of custom made products.  

If you are interested in a similar piece, please visit our contact page and leave us your information with descriptive details.  

Thanks for shopping with MyElle Elite Designs.  We appreciate your business!! 

Please note that all sales are final.​​


**Special Order.

This item is not for sale!** 

We have a range of unique jewelry for any & all occasions. 

Special Order.

This item is not for sale!

We specialize in designing special pieces for our customers.  If you want to stand out let us create and design a unique one of a kind jewelry piece for you.

Happy Shopping!!

Please contact us for special orders!

Your MyElle Jewel Box is a monthly jewelry and accessory subscription that sends subscribers a 3-piece jewelry collection, and a bonus accessory item. The on-trend jewelry collections are designed by the founders, My, and Elle and are exclusive to Your MyElle Jewel Box. Each MyElle Jewel Box promises that each month's box is worth at least $75.

Monthly Subscription

Price Options
Monthly Subscription
$35.00every month until canceled
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